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Ironspun Garden Arch

  • £389.99

- Comes in two parts
- Dimensions 1st part H225 x W160 x D55cm 2nd part H218 x W100 x D55cm
- Individually hand forged
- A bewitching style for those looking for something unique and special

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Ironspun Garden Arch

It’s garden arch… but a very out-of-the-ordinary one! Individually hand-forged, these fascinating sculptures appear to sprout up from the ground itself, tendrils catching the breeze to gently brush together at the apex.

Impressive from a distance, up close the arches have a tactile quality that belies their unyielding construction: ferocious 12mm steel rods topped with ball bearings of over three times that width.

The arches are supplied as a pair of separate pieces, which gives you the flexibility to use them how and where they’d work best. Arrange them at your whim to create a wider, smaller or taller doorway; use them at the entrance to a new garden ‘room’, run plants across them as a trellis, or simply create a pride-of-place installation at the edge of the lawn.

You can paint them to complement your existing exterior colour scheme; our general preference would be to leave them uncoated – they will build up a gentle rust over the years, further tying them into the natural environment.

The arch bases will push easily into the soil, or you can use the eighteen-inch anchors provided. As satisfactorily weighty as you’d expect, they can free-stand on a patio and won’t be going anywhere in the wind!

A bewitching combination of the industrial and the organic – our ‘Ironspun’ range is for the garden lover who shuns the run-of-the-mill.

INDIVIDUALLY MADE. Each item is created individually by hand, so may vary slightly from the photograph. Call us if you need more information about this. 

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