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Ironspun Ball Obelisk large

  • £189.99

- Dimensions H204 x W70 x D70cm
- Perfect for climbing plants
- Can be admired as individual works of art
- Individually Hand Crafted
- Unique and special

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Hurry! Only 1 left in stock!

Ironspun Ball Obelisks large

Alluring sculptures that pair industrial materials with the beauty of nature. Iron tendrils catching the breeze; massive steel bearings probing for the sunlight… our ‘Ironspun’ obelisks are created to be just a little bit different – a unique talking point for any garden.

These ‘Ball’ Obelisks feature eight stems and are a touch wayward and wild! Being individually hand forged, every one is totally one-of-a-kind – the creator will start with his raw materials and go wherever his imagination takes him!

Making them is a painstaking process – we’re able to keep a very limited stock, but this is most definitely one item that you won’t be coming across elsewhere else.

Robust and weighty, the sculptures tower over 200cm tall. Use them to train roses for an intriguing contrast of fragility and steel; nestle them amidst the bushes so that they emerge as the autumn leaves start to fall. Or, of course, simply enjoy them for the works of art that they are.

A bewitching combination of the industrial and the organic – our ‘Ironspun’ range is for the garden lover who shuns the run-of-the-mill. •

INDIVIDUALLY MADE. Each item is created individually by hand, so may vary slightly from the photograph. Call us if you need more information about this.

SANDEDGE DELIVERY. These items are very special, so our team will hand-deliver rather than sending a third-party courier. We’ll get in touch to sort out the details when you order.

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