You’re a creator, maker or craftsperson who steadfastly refuses to fit into any sort of box. Passionate about your product, you know that your creations are capable of transforming the most meagre of spaces into something beautiful. 

In the home, in the garden, you wouldn’t want to boast but your offering is really something rather special. You are ethical and fair, with a distinctive flair for design. 

Like us, you would love our customers (truth be told, they’re everything to us) – and just as our team do, you’d go to the ends of the earth for them (or at least be totally reliable and completely professional for them).

As for your work? You’re sure that we’d be amazed by it – in awe of it, positively floored by it (we must say, there’s a pretty high bar to meet).


Sound like you?

Then it’s most definitely time we talked.


We’ve got a shop window waiting to a world of eager consumers who love bold, one-off, and beautifully unique products. If all of the above sounds just like you, then all we’d say is – when shall we meet? 


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