About Us

We Are Sandedge

Our story began back in 2005 – when we set about setting up shop as a niche destination for all things beautifully unique for the great outdoors and the just-as-worthy indoors. 

Our reputation quickly grew legs, and this seed of an idea flourished into the thriving company you see before you today. 

Nowadays we have quite the following, with our avid online shoppers even earning the affectionate name of ‘SandEdgers’.

Who could have imagined that this humble cottage Industry venture would become a much-loved national brand over the course of just thirteen years? Yet despite a decade having passed, we’ve stayed true to our roots. Thanks to our keen eye for the quirky, the beautiful and unique, our little black book of suppliers is still like the who’s who of artisans, craftspeople, carpenters and creators.

From the heart of rural Suffolk just outside of Stowmarket to your home, we continue to uncover gems and an ever longer line-up of designers (think of them as the couture of the gardening world). 

Our products span from the indoors, with walls brightened with art and rooms filled with hand-crafted furniture, to outdoor spaces made all the more beautiful with everything from beanbags, benches and bistro sets, to water butts and baskets.

Come on in – Take a look around

Explore and discover all that you need for a life lived outdoors (and indoors), beautifully. Then take a trip over to  our Sandbox, where you’ll uncover fresh ideas to play with, and tips and advice for overcoming the most troublesome of gardening struggles.

Questions, comments or compliments?

From the merits of sowing seeds in cells as compared to trays, to the ins and outs of border renovation, we’ve got the answers, and we’re always eager to hear your feedback.