Kev Colbear Iron Sculptures


Metal designer Kev Colbear specialises in high-end home and garden features.

His workshop is very local to our Suffolk base, but you’ll find his creations across the UK; Kev’s a sought-after bespoke designer, and his displays at markets and country shows invariably draw admiring crowds.

We’re very proud to stock a selection of Kev’s ‘Ironspun’ work at SandEdge – there’s always a touch of excitement here in the office when his van arrives bearing something new.

Kev spends much of his life behind a welding mask, but employs his tools with the most subtle of touches (his background and formal training is in art). It’s the balance of the organic and the industrial that most appeals to us – we love his garden arches, where he manages to make the most ferociously weighty cast-ironwork into items of delicacy and beauty.

Kev takes a very collaborative approach to commissions: he’ll spend some quality time with you, visiting your home or garden where possible and talking through possibilities, drawing on his vast knowledge of materials and finishes.

Contact us  to get in touch with him for an initial chat. Railings, architectural features, canopies, abstracts… Kev can produce a unique statement piece that’ll provide a focal talking point for your garden.