Redwood planters - on clearance!

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Autumn for us means new stock – which in turn means finding room for it in the warehouse.

(We’re based in a historic old tannery site, which is extremely lovely – but there’s only so much space!)

So we’re moving some of our favourite wooden planters on to an end-of-season clearance – big reductions for you, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Pick up a bargain for your outdoors; treat your conservatory; or just get organised early with some super Christmas presents…

These are all very attractive items, created from a durable, sustainable redwood that will weather beautifully. Lovingly British-made, the wood is pre-treated, and they’re fully assembled with drainage slats already cut – you’ll simply need to pick a spot!

Which shape?

Square items always look good as standalones – perhaps on the corner of a decked area, for instance. If you’re looking for something to set against a wall then arguably a rectangular planter might be visually better – our small troughs are the perfect width to sit nicely underneath a cottage window.

Don’t forget that you can use planters to create dividers, visually separating off an area without overly enclosing it – a pair of shrubs is a much softer look than a fence panel (and less permanent!)

For something extra-striking, go for the hexagonal! This’ll form a natural centrepiece for a patio area, or set them together in threes for a very modern look.

Lipped, or open?

Some of our planters are topped with a wooden ‘lip’, which will frame a floral display nicely, or make the wood stand out a little more if you’re using the planter for a shrub or small tree. The open planters don’t have that lip, which gives you a larger planting area and makes them perfect for cascading, overflowing displays.

A set?

We do sell ouropen planters in pairs (large and small) if required – they naturally sit beautifully together, but of course you can split them if required!

Have a look, and see which one is right for you! 


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