Outdoor bean bags: the ultimate me-time!

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Outdoor bean bags: the ultimate me-time!

In terms of sheer indulgence, there’s nothing quite like the joy of sinking in to the embrace of a luxury bean bag.

We sell a lot of formal patio furniture here at Sandedge (and seriously good furniture it is, too) – but for some snatched snuggly-down ‘me time’ with coffee and a magazine… well, nothing beats the beans!

So what makes our outdoor bean bags so special? Why are they better, and what should you look for?

Note, by ‘outdoor’ we’re talking those particular items that you can leave out all summer without any worries, to be right there for you when the moment calls. (Leave an ‘indoor’ bag out for a couple of days and you’ll soon notice the difference.)

The obvious place to start is in waterproofing. Clearly, flopping down into a soggy puddle isn’t the most luxuriant of experiences, so the bags have to be made to keep the elements at bay. The surface material will get wet when it rains, but it’s made to be incredibly quick drying, and those all-important beans will remain utterly snug and dry – which means there’s no chance of hidden mould or other nasties.


For our covers, we generally choose a luxurious faux leather or an extremely high denier natural-feel polyester. These give none of that slightly clingy, sweaty feel that you’ll recognise if you’ve ever spent any time lazing in a cheap bean bag – Comfort with a big capital C! Happily, there are other practical benefits also – the main ones being that they repel mildew and have a superior resistance to colour fade in the summer sun.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier. In the commercial world, these bean bags are often purchased for high-end outdoor bar areas or nursery outdoor spaces, and you WOULDN’T BELIEVE what gets spilt on them! Warm, soapy water will do the job.

Alternatively, if there’s somebody round the house who needs only the flimsiest of excuses to whip out their jet washer, then you can set them to work on your bean bag. See – we told you they were waterproof!

For all the family

So all in all, a very easy way to add a touch of lush to any outdoor area. We urge you, however – don’t skimp on the quality, and you’ll have a bean bag that’ll be yours to enjoy for years to come.

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